Privacy Notice: Direct Care


Direct Care is care delivered to you alone and most care is provided from this surgery.

If you agree to a referral for direct care elsewhere, such as a referral to a specialist in a hospital, necessary and relevant information about you, your circumstances and your problem will need to be shared with the other healthcare workers, such as specialist, therapists, technicians etc.

The information that is shared is to enable the other healthcare workers to provide the most appropriate advice, investigations, treatments, therapies and or care.

What are my Options?

By registering with this Practice you are agreeing that your detailed medical records can be used by the Practice to provide care and services.

What is the impact?

Removing your medical records from this Practice would mean we would be unable to provide you with continuing care.

This practice keeps a full history of you and your care.

This covers who you are, where you live, what you do, your family, possibly your friends, your employers, your habits, your problems and diagnoses, the reasons you seek help, your appointments, where you are seen and when you are seen, who by, referrals to specialists and other healthcare providers, tests carried out here and in other places, investigations and scans, treatments and outcomes of treatments, your treatment history, the observations and opinions of other healthcare workers, within and without the NHS as well as comments and aide memoires reasonably made by healthcare professionals in this practice who are appropriately involved in your health care.

When registering for NHS care, all patients who receive NHS care are registered on a national database, the database is held by NHS Digital which has legal responsibilities to collect NHS
Not all of your care is provided by your GP and your details are available to others in the Practice who deliver care and other services.

If your health needs require care from others outside this practice we will exchange whatever information about you that is necessary for them to provide that care.

When you make contact with healthcare providers outside the practice but within the NHS it is usual for them to send us information relating to that encounter.

We will retain part or all of those reports. Normally we will receive equivalent reports of contacts you have with non NHS services but this is not always the case.

Your consent to this sharing of data, within the practice and with those others outside the practice is assumed and is allowed by the Law.

You have the right to object to our sharing your data in these circumstances but we have an overriding responsibility to do what is in your best interests.