National Screening Programmes

Aortic Aneurysm Screening

We are part of the national AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) screening programme.

Men when they turn 65 will be invited to have an ultrasound of their abdomen to look for an aortic aneurysm which is a dilatation of the main vessel in the abdomen.

Any men who are above the age range can self refer by contacting the Sussex AAA Screening Programme on 01227 868775 or visiting their website AAA Screening.

Bowel Cancer Screening

There is now a national screening programme for bowel cancer. This is available to everyone between 60 and 69. People will receive a letter and a leaflet explaining the test and a home testing kit in the post.

This kit looks for the presence of small amounts of blood in the faeces which can indicate early bowel cancer. This test is repeated every two years.

People over 70 can also request a kit by phoning 0800 707 6060.

In addition to screening there is also a national bowel cancer awareness campaign. The aim is to educate people about what to look for in possible cases of bowel cancer.

The main symptoms are a three week history of either blood in the faeces (poo) or an awareness that the bowels have been looser or more frequent.

Both these symptoms need investigating if they have persisted for more than three weeks.

The national screening for bowel cancer has been extremely effective so far.

Most of the cancers detected have been the earliest type of cancer called a Dukes A bowel cancer and the cure rate for bowel cancer at this stage is over 90%.

We strongly recommend our patients to participate in the programme.

More information is available at the National Screening Programme.

Cervical Screening

The cervical screening programme for cervical cancer is available to all women between 24 and 64.

The screening intervals are from 25 to 49 every 3 years and then from 50 to 64 every 5 years.

This is an extremely good test and can pick up pre-cancerous changes in the cervix which can then be treated and cured.

We would strongly advise all eligible women to have regular cervical smears at the recommended screening intervals.

For full information about the programme please visit the Cervical Screening Programme website.

Breast Screening

The NHS Breast Screening Programme is available to all women aged between 50 and 70.

Screening  by carrying out a mammogram takes place every 3 years and people are invited for the first time between their 50th and 53rd birthday.

People over 70 will not automatically receive an invitation but can still receive screening by contacting the local screening unit.

Our local screening unit is based at Brighton and their phone number is 01273 664966.

For full information about the programme please visit the Breast Screening Programme website.