Registering with our Practice

New Patient Registration

How to register with our practice

If you are in our Practice area (map below), you are most welcome to register with the Practice. Enter your post code to check if you are fall within our catchment area. Please Note: The boundary of our surgery catchment area has recently changed and now no longer includes addresses in Kent. Patients registered in Kent will remain on our register and new family members within those households will be accepted on onto our register. However, new households will need to register with another practice. The NHS website can provide a list of alternate practices.

In order to do this, you need to print and complete the New Patient Registration Pack or ask for the forms at reception. You will also need to complete a GSM1 form for new patients which is available from reception.

To register you will need your NHS number. If you do not know your NHS number there is an online service which will help you find it.

You will need to complete the forms for each member of your family. When you return these to the surgery, we will make a new registration appointment for all the adults and for any children you on on repeat medication or have ongoing health issues.

For adults we make a 10 minute appointment to initially see the Practice Nurse and then to see the doctor you are registering with. Children who are on repeat medications will be made an appointment with their new doctor.

The new registration consultation involves simple medical tests such as checking of blood pressure and an analysis of a urine sample as well as general information about diet and exercise.

If you are on any repeat medication then these will also be sorted out at this time. This is also your opportunity to share your health beliefs and to make any inquiries to your doctor.

When patients register at the practice all adults will be required to produce photographic identification e.g. a passport or a driving licence. 


All patients are entitled to have a chaperone present during a consultation or examination. Please let the Doctor or Receptionist know if you would like to have someone with you and this will be arranged.


We are able to provide the services of an interpreter for non-English speakers or those with hearing impairment to help with your consultation with the doctor or nurse.  Please let the Receptionist know if this is required when you book your appointment.

Full details all of the services we provide, how to access our services and services outside of the Practice can be found in our Patient Information Booklet.