Training the next Generation of GP’s

We are a training practice and have doctors in training and medical students at the practice.

Doctors in Training

We have both GP Registrars and Foundation Year doctors at the practice.

  • GP Registrars are qualified doctors who spend time at the practice training to become General Practitioners. They have been qualified for at least two years when they come to the practice and spend either four months or one year at the practice with us as part of their three years training to become a GP.
  • Foundation Year doctors have been qualified for one year and spend four months at the practice.They are closely monitored by their trainer who discusses each surgery with them. If they are uncertain during a consultation they will ask one of the other doctors for their advice.

The whole practice is involved in training, however, Dr Parnell and Dr Albardiaz are the doctors responsible for all training.

We all benefit from having these young doctors at the practice and they help to keep us up to date and on our toes.

Part of their training and successful completion of their course involves videoing their consultations.

These videos are viewed afterwards by the registrars and their trainer.

Occasionally, they are viewed by other registrars as part of the training process and may also be viewed by other GP Trainers.

We will always ask your consent to have your consultation videoed.

If you change your mind during the consultation you can always ask the doctor not to use the video.

We feel that teaching helps to keep the practice up to the highest standards.