Help getting to the vaccination centre

As you may have already seen, some of us will be contacted soon with an offer of an appointment to go to Etchingham for our first dose of the vaccine.  This will come as a wonderful escape from the anxiety that many of us will have been experiencing.  However, some of us might be worried as to how we are going to undertake the journey to Etchingham.

We understand that there is an offer from the Rye and District Community Transport service that can be available to take a limited number of people.   If you would like to explore that, the number to call is 01797 227722 – and be prepared to leave a message with your contact details, address and phone number, and the date/time of your appointment.

If that is not available or suitable for you, and you would like to explore alternatives, please do give us a call (again with your phone number) and we will do our best to help you.  Phone 07522 473173