COVID-19 – Current Status

COVID-19 – Current Status

We are now working to invite group 7 patients (60 and over) for vaccination in Etchingham. If you have received a letter from NHS England you can book an appointment at the mass vaccination sites. If you choose this route you will also be able to book your second vaccination appointment. The closest centre is in Ticehurst Village Hall. At this stage we cannot offer appointments for the second vaccination.  

However if you feel you are unable to travel to one of these sites you are still eligible to have your vaccine at Etchingham but there may be some delay before we can book you in.  We would ask you to notify us by email that you would like to have your vaccination done at Etchingham and we will contact you in due course to book your appointment. 

We would also ask everyone that if you do make an appointment to have the vaccine elsewhere it would be helpful if you could email us to inform us as we can amend your records accordingly. Thank you all for your help with this.

We have made excellent progress in our vaccination clinics and home visits:

  • patients over 85     – 97% vaccinated
  • patients 80-85 yrs  – 99% vaccinated
  • patients 75-80 yrs  – 96% vaccinated
  • patients 70-75 yrs  – 96% vaccinated
  • patients 65-70 yrs – 89% vaccinated

Only 1% of patients have declined the vaccination.

If you are over 70, have not yet had a covid vaccination and would like one, you can book an appointment at the larger vaccination centres via the NHS website, or by calling 119 if you are unable to get online.