5 Privacy Notice: NHS Planning


The practice searches some or all records to identify individuals who may be at increased risk of certain conditions or diagnoses i.e. Diabetes, heart disease, risk of falling.

What are my Options?

You have the right to opt-out of our processing your data in these circumstances and before any decision based upon that processing is made about you. See Privacy Notice above for details of how to register an opt-out for this service.

What is the impact?

Without your data we may not be able to identify preventative interventions based on your risk factors.

This data the practice holds for you is to identify preventive interventions.

The results may then be shared with other healthcare workers, such as specialist, therapists, technicians etc.

The information that is shared is to enable the other healthcare workers to provide the most appropriate advice, investigations, treatments, therapies and or care.

The data we hold may be linked with data held elsewhere by other organisations, and usually processed by organisations within or bound by contracts with the NHS.

If any processing of this data occurs outside the practice it will be anonymous and your identity will not be visible to the processors.

Only this practice will be able to identify you and the results of any calculated factors, for example, your risk of having a heart attack in the next 10 years.

Processing of this type is only lawfully allowed where it results in individuals being identified with their associated calculated risk.

It is not lawful for this processing to be used for other purposes, such as “health analytics” and we do not support any such activity.

We have an overriding responsibility to do what is in your best interests.

If we identify you as being at significant risk of having, for example a heart attack or stroke, we are justified in performing that processing.